Aparna Singh: The Lawyer Who Advocates Teaching as the Best Profession

Aparna Singh: From a lawyer to the most loved teacher Trigonometry triggers the fear of heights. Cos Tan Sine makes one sign-off for the day. Measurements and Algebra have exponential ghost formulas in waiting. The logical series fly away to infinity, only to show the negatives on the test day. Why study Mathematics when we … Continue reading Aparna Singh: The Lawyer Who Advocates Teaching as the Best Profession

The Posting Mania

Happy Army Day This is part -2 of my poem, 'The Gypsynama'. Frequent postings in the Army gives us a chance to explore and experience the new but it also asks for a lot of sacrifices. We miss our settled homes and routines, friends, trusted hubs, good schools, established identities and sometimes comforts of a good station or metro cities. Separations teach us a lot and make us learn to adapt to every situation. Sometimes we crave for a permanent abode and then decide again to move and be together. It is usually a hard choice yet we strive to have a hearty blissful life. We may retire and settle down but the army life doesn't retire from us. We hope to enjoy the jolly ride, here or on the other side.

The Gypsynama

The frequent postings in the army makes us like gypsies. Every couple of years we move and make a place our new home. We pack beautiful memories and leave behind a lot of happy associations to form many more till we meet again. This moving on is life. Live, love and Leave a legacy of more love n warm smiles...

Savoury Pickles and Sweet Panache

Mallika Misra decided to begin her innings as an entrepreneur at the age of 56, after the retirement of her husband Brigadier Nitish Misra. She is known for her well planned delectable cuisines cooked with authentic ingredients and lots of love. Her homemade pickles with a touch of Banaras are a hit amongst her family and friends. She now plans to add healthy cakes, desserts, icecreams and sherbets to her portfolio. She is an inspiration to many with her belief- It's never too late to fulfil your dreams, Just try and take a step forward... Try and Enjoy two of her quick and easy to make snacks and a dessert recipe. Semolina Cutlets and Corn Flour Burfi

The catch 22 situation of feminism. Hey, Boys! I hear you…

When Feminism is about women being given a choice to stay at home or work as per her free will and convenience, then, why can't men be given a choice to work or stay at home? Why boys are forced to adorn manhood with a false perception of being a protector, provider with a patriarchal mindset? The answer lies in gender free parenting and allowing our children to choose what they want to be. Both have potential of achieving their dreams provided we have faith in us and them.

Pet Stories 5-Tango and Jiffy: The Dashing Dachshunds

The world has philanthropists, social workers, animal lovers, pet lovers and devout dog lovers. The Sirothia family are no ordinary pet enthusiasts. They are the third generation dachshund breed lovers who have nursed their paralysed pet dachshund back to his feet from a medically impossible situation to a perfect running mate. Here is a story of grit, love, and compassion narrated to make the readers understand pets' relations as kids to a parent.

The Wistfulness

The relationship of a mother and daughter is unique. They become soul sisters as they age. Life is lived in a circle that begets the understanding and shared experiences of being a woman. Home feels home because of the mother. Time flies away and now, the daughter wants to spend time with her mother, make up to all the lost moments that blew away in keeping the family together. Perhaps relive the life and treasure all the precious memories, before there is no home to call her own.

My Corona Warrior and Survivor: Dr Manju

Dr Manju screened, tested and treated coronavirus patients in the Max hospital, East Delhi for six months. She came down with COVID-19 last month and became critical. She survived with the excellent efforts of her colleagues, her fighting spirit and positive attitude. Her patience, loving and caring nature makes her a winner in all aspects. God bless our ever smiling, exuberant, philanthropist, warrior doctor.